Sunday, November 08, 2015

Letter to the editor

I am blogging this because I haven't put my writing on my blog for quite a while now, so today I'd thought I would mix things up so here's my letter to the editor.

The learning was to write a very short but persuasive letter to the editor, I chose to write my topic about why kids under 13 shouldn't have a Facebook.

Dear Editor,

Children under 13 should not be allowed Facebook. Kids shouldn’t have a Facebook because there is a lot of bullying on Facebook. Loads of kids really want a Facebook but some parents just have to say no because it is a dangerous site. People on Facebook could track you down and there was quite a few burglaries last year from this. I am pretty sure that people wouldn’t want to get there stuff stolen. If you have a child under 13 and he/she is using Facebook, rethink the idea of giving your child a Facebook.


Shannon Hutchinson

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